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How to best use our “on-line legal counselling”?

If you require legal advice concerning your non-citizen status in the Czech Republic (asylum, residency etc.) or relating concerns (employment, education, health care etc.), please, fill in the form below. You need to provide your surname (“Příjmení”) and your email address (“e-mail). You may also fill in your first name (“Jméno”) and phone number (“Telefon”). If you would like to stay anonymous, please write down your first name or nickname into the “Příjmení” cell. Write your question into the cell called “Text vzkazu”. Once you are done filling in the information, click “Odeslat” (submit). All information that you submit through this form will be treated as strictly confidential!
In order to get a proper answer, it is essential to formulate your question or concern as specifically as possible. If your question concerns a court decision or some other official document, it is useful to specify it. In urgent cases you can also copy a document and send it to us at the address:
Asociace pro právní otázky imigrace
P.O.BOX 16, Moravská 9,
120 00 Praha 2
Our team is ready to answer you in 5 business days. The online legal counseling is free of charge. However, any financial contributions are welcomed on the bank account No. 43-5968850237/0100.
If at anytime you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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